As we all know that everyone’s ultimate goal of learning to become beautiful and wear is to create their own exclusive style, which refers to the perfect combination of a person’s temperament and clothing. Before that, we need to find out what the style of clothing is, and then we can create your style by mixing different styles. In all the items, shoes are the most powerful weapon of left and right styles. Although its area is really small. And it’s usually under the sole of the foot that’s hard to see at first sight. But if you think about it carefully, when you look at the dress of a stranger, her shoes will determine your final impression.

  For example, a person who pedals a pair of 10 centimeter stiletto shoes, no matter what clothes she wears, must exude femininity and more formal feeling. Or a pair of flat footed people will not change her casual, natural feeling because of any of her clothes.

  So the saying “SHOES DETERMINE YOUR STYLE” must be a wise saying after thousands of years of historical evolution, but many people still don’t know it very well. Since the style of shoes is so important, besides the common and broad concepts of small white shoes, casual, neutral and high-heeled women, is there any more specific basis to help us understand it at a glance What about the various shoes in the market and their style attributes?

  Now, let’s explore the mystery of  SHOE STYLE!

  First of all, we need to know that there are FOUR basic styles. The neutral wind and the feminine taste are a group of opposites, while the formal and leisure styles are a group of opposites. Basically, we can find the style attributes that match each other from the two groups of opposites. For example, Lefu shoes, which we often talk about, belong to the combination of neutral wind and partial formal wind; and small white shoes are the combination of neutral and leisure. How do these styles appear on shoes?

Toe cap

  The part of shoe last, that is, the part of the shoe head, its width and sharp settlement will determine its style direction. The wider it is, the stronger the sense of leisure, the narrower the toe, the stronger its feminine and formal sense. The sharper the sharp pointed shoes are, the stronger the feminine and formal sense is, and the square head and round head tend to be more relaxed and medium sexy with its wider.So whatever type of shoes you want to show a feminine or formal sense, you can choose the style with a sharp head, and if you want to appear more peaceful, aging, neutral and casual, you can choose round head or square head.Of course, the pointed and round heads also represent different ages, and the tip will be more mature and the round head will be smaller. So I often hear others ask me, “can’t you choose pointed shoes, will you show old age?” Of course not, because the style of the shoes is also related to another element.


  Heel also has two judgment basis, one is HIGH and LOW, the other isTHICK and THIN. The higher the heel, the more aggressive and feminine the heel is, the lower and the thicker the heel, the lower the feminine flavor will be greatly reduced. So the overall style of shoes is decided by the head and heel. This explains the confusion of many people  will the sharp shoes be old? If it is sharp and high, then the ultimate taste of daughter will bring a sense of maturity.But for the flat shoes which are more neutral, the sharp end will not let it fall into the position of too leisure. It’s about increasing women and formal feelings, such as the sharp Lefu shoes. After that, let’s talk about some small parts that can also affect the temperament of shoes.

Texture of material

Similar to the material of clothing, the material of shoes not only affects your feeling of wearing, but also affects its style. Take the common shoe materials for example, the leather style will be more formal, the velvet material will have a low-key luxury, the canvas material will be leisure, and the suede material will have some wild flavor.


Even if it’s a pair of pointed high-heeled shoes with daughter flavor, if there are more bows on them, it will turn you into a lovely woman, so don’t underestimate the accessories on the shoes. For example, diamond will express more women’s sense of delicacy; metal accessories will be more personalized and fashionable; bows are lovely; tassels are casual.

Basically, from the toe cap, heel, material and accessories of a pair of shoes, its style attribute and bias can be pointed to clearly. It is not recommended that you pursue too extreme a certain style, but slightly fine tune the style according to your clothing. As long as you have a thorough understanding of the style attributes of different elements and components of shoes, you can choose the style type of shoes that can best reflect your temperament.


Post time: Apr-15-2021